Personal Development, Behaviour & Attitudes

Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

At Portland Academy we aim to prepare our students for the responsibilities and opportunities of life. We would like our students to be inquisitive individuals who will make a positive contribution to our academy, the community in which they live and their futures. To help our students to become active and responsible citizens we provide a curriculum that delivers experiences and opportunities. We are proud to have a staff team that are committed to ensuring that our students reach their best possible outcomes.

Students and staff form open, harmonious and trusting relationships that enable our students to express their feelings and opinions. Where typically, pupils would listen to each other and ask thoughtful questions. Where students are able to develop their social and independent skills so that they are able to feel confident in all they do. Where students work hard and accept challenge in order to achieve the best they can, and where students feel safe to explore themselves, as individuals in a caring and sharing environment.

This area will show off and celebrate the work our students do and the successes they achieve.

Disasters and Catastrophes

Spring 2017

This term at Portland Academy we have been exploring the topic of disasters and catastrophes. In this topic we really wanted to drill down and explore the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) and Career aspects of learning.

During this term we have visited Safeworks based in Newcastle. Safeworks is an organisation that provides realistic, interactive educational experiences for young people and community groups to learn about the prevention of danger and how to live safely. Students that attended Safeworks had a brilliant afternoon but wished it could have lasted longer. They asked lots of questions that kept the services on their toes too. The trip was to embed learning from the classroom and also raise awareness that would have a direct impact in their home and community.

The Fire Service have been brilliant with our students. Our students recently visited our local Fire Station to have a guided tour and discuss a Fire Officer’s role and what responsibility that brings. The Fire Officer also spoke about how what our students needed in terms of qualifications, experience and values if they wanted to join the service in the future as a career move.

The Mountain Search and Rescue Team are going to join the school for a day providing our students with disaster scenarios outside of the classroom. Students are very much looking forward to this experience and opportunity.

The Community Police have been involved by coming into school and meeting our students, discussing their roles and responsibilities. We have a big event planned at the end of term, where the Police and Fire Services’ will join us in celebrating the terms learning. Classes will be presenting activities from the topic and discussing the impact it has had for them.

Disasters & Catastrophes Topic