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Pathway 2

How to use Pathway 2 Home Learning Ideas and Timetable

Hi Everyone!

We have devised lots of fun activities that can be done in and around your house which also help to promote learning.

There is a suggested timetable to follow but I have allowed some freedom in choosing which activities you do and when. These are simply called ‘Home Learning Tasks’ on the timetable

The activities come under 5 headings plus PE- you can choose to do 4, 5 or even 6 a day if you really want a challenge (one from each plus PE session)

You can change and substitute any of the activities to fit your child!

The activities come under the following headings;


Cognition (Maths)


Expressive Arts

Try something new (Achievements)

These will be updated weekly and if you need any further help or guidance please email gbanks@ascenttrust.org

Grace Banks

Pathway 2 Lead

Pathway 2 Home Learning Timetable


Maths: Higher Ability

Higher Ability Maths Activities

Maths: Lower Ability

Lower Ability Maths Activities



Expressive Arts

Arts & Crafts

Sing Up at Home

Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Good Health

Health & Wellbeing

PE with Joe

Yoga with Danielle

Links to Learning


Website with interactive maths games.


Website that teaches the core maths skills- 2 week trial when you sign up.

Storyline Online

Storytelling website.

Reading Eggs

Learn to read website-2 week trial when you sign up.


Funbrain with lots of interactive maths and English games.


IXL website with lots of online questions in maths and English.

Top Marks

Maths website with games.


Parents can create a free Twinkl account at: www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

White Rose Maths

Online guides for maths.

Turtle Diary

Turtle diary-lots of English and maths games for different age groups-free for the rest of the year.

Amazing Educational Resources

An up to date list of educational websites which are available to parents and teachers.

Math Choice Menu

Ideas for maths activities.


EYFS games for literacy.

Active History

KS3&4 History website with simulations, free to sign up to at the moment.

TTS Home Learning Activities

Home learning activities book which has whole curriculum activities designed for completing at home.

Education City

Cross curricular website with lots of activities and games. Free trial available.

Purple Mash

Purple Mash.