Challenge Days

To enhance our skills-based curriculum, Portland Challenge Days are designed to allow access to the foundation subjects of History, Geography, Music and Religious Education in an exciting and meaningful way. The days are themed and all students are urged to take part.  During the days, we ask staff and pupils to contribute to an online blog, charting their progress and uploading exciting photos and videos.

Our last Challenge Day

Super Heroes Challenge Day – Friday 12th February 2016

Our next Challenge Day

Healthy Wellbeing Challenge Day – Tuesday 21st June 2016

To see what it is all about please take a look at our blog: Portland Challenge Day Blog  

We plan to make all of our resources for Challenge Days downloadable so schools across the world can enjoy them as we do. Watch this space!

Portland Podcast

Students in a sixth form creativity lesson created a original piece of music as a trial for our first ever ‘Portland Podcast’. A student used eye-pointing (her method of communication) to conduct other students in playing their musical instruments. We are hopeful more podcasts will be added by other classes about other aspects of Portland life and interests etc. click play to listen to the music created.

More Content Coming Soon..

iPad Apps

Under Construction

Resources Created By Pete Wells

Here you can find some of Pete Wells’ delightful resources:

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly – A disgusting drag and plop version of “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly.” All singing was done by Mr Pete Wells of Sunderland, so please feel free to tell Simon ‘Tight Trousers’ Cowell.

Size 8Mb.

Make a Chick – A nice chick making program. There’s a switch version or a Drag and Plopper. WARNING – This resource contains the Bridie Song, for which I am truly sorry.

Size – 2.4 Mb

Faye Spook– Join Faye Spook and three other unfortunately named ghosts as they tell you how they met their grizzly end! To be used with your students who may be using Facebook and other social networking sites.

Size 7.3MB

Faye Spooks Cyber Quiz– Comprehension exercise for Tales from the Cyber Crypt. Note these are all written answers, a drag and drop version is below…

Size 8Mb

Faye Spook’s Cyber Quiz (Drag and Drop) – A natty little drag and plop version of Faye’s tricky little cyber quiz! Great to be done individually or to use as discussion points with a group…

Size: 7.2 Mb

Make a Monster – Use the randomising buttons to generate how many eyes, horns, fangs and, of course, spots, your beastie will have (between 1 and 6.) Next choose it’s horrible body, add it’s features and print out to scare your granny – great!

Size 2.5Mb

Hagmella’s Ugly Potion– Can you help the ugly… I mean, lovely Hagmella to cast some spells? In this fun addition activity you must select the right ingredients to go into Hagmella’s grot pot to make a number up to ten. Remember turkey Twizzlers are worth two magic points!

Size – 3.57mb

Make a Gruffalo Picture – ooooh, what’s all this then? If you’ve got one, use a switch-based digital camera to get your students to take a nice photo of the overgrown foliage in school. This lovely application will allow you insert your picture then your students can use a switch to place the little brown mouse, Gruffalo, Fox, Owl and Snake onto your cool digital picture!

Size: 3.4mb

Build your own Gruffalo – He has terrible tusks, and terrible Claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws! No, not your deputy headteacher, the Gruffalo of course! Here’s a chance to let your students build a big hairy gruffalo using a switch thingamybob!

Size: 4.5mb

9 Dice – A random dice that spits out numbers from zero to nine. Great for doing number recognition, place value or even for starting your own gambling syndicate in the classroom. Can also be used as a reward (or punishment!) generator, e.g. see how many sweets you get/star jumps you have to do!

Size – 2.25Mb

Wartify Webster – In this pleasant and ever so tasteful resource, your students can use a switch to improve Webster the Witch’s staggering good looks by adding a range of attractive spots and boils. Be careful though, add too many and they’ll go POP!

Download Wartify Webster here – 3.3Mb

Haunted House ButtonHaunted house – Use a switch to place the ghosts and Hagnes the Witch. Once you’re done, you can print your picture.

Haunted house – 2.8mb

Blow Dingwall’s Kilt Off – This switch-based resource is disgusting, only the bravest and most irresponsible of teachers should download it!

George and the Dragon – Use your switch to defeat the evil Dragon!

Banish the Snakes – Help St Patrick banish the snakes from Ireland in this touch screen game.

Privacy Settings – Get your Facebook privacy settings right in this virtual Privacy Settings simulator!

Book Quiz – Can you answer the literacy-based questions to find the secret word?

Character Match – Can you drag the character to the right book?

Wonka’s Healthy Eating Game – Touchscreen/whiteboard game. Can you much the healthy food and avoid the unhealthy ones. This game gets progressively harder, you have been warned!

Break the Code – Can you crack the code to open Wonka’s vault and steal the hundreds and thousands contained within?

Healthy Eating Lunchboxes – can you pack a healthy and unhealthy lunchbox? I know which one I’d rather eat…

Sensory Stories

Pete’s Silly Sensory Drivel

Sheldon the Snail goes to the Beach – It’s a beautiful sunny day and Sheldon the Snail is off to the beach. Lets hope he can get his skates on and remember everything he needs!

Download Sheldon at the Beach (2.5 Molluscy Megs!)

Gobbin Hood and his Merry Phlegm – This is an awful tale of Robin Hood’s less honourable brother Gobbin, who’s weapon of choice is spitting, not the bow and arrow.

Download Gobbin Hood (5.1 Mucusy Megs!)

My Teacher is an Alien – Yeah, well that’s obvious, she smells funny, stomps around making strange noises and looks weird. Of course she’s an alien!

Download Teacher is an Alien (3.9 Martian Megs!)

My Day at Loch Ness – This story has been criticised for being too far fetched dear reader. “A sunny day?” They said,  “In Scotland? Jings, ye aff ye heed, ya bam!”

Download Nessie (4.6 Muckel Megs!)

The Life and Death of Evlis the Singing Cow – A moosical number that is cowpletely and udderly silly!  I’ll stop milking the cow jokes now and moove on…

Download Evlis (only 2.7 moogabytes!)

Norbert the Green Nosed Reindeer – Yuck! Meet Santa’s bogey-filled reindeer Norbert and find out how this sneezing hero saved Christmas. Warning not for the faint hearted!

Download Norbert (size 2.7 meeeeeuuuuurrrrgs!)

The Ballad of Frank the Fifteen Stone Fairy – Poor Frank, all he wants is to be the fairy on top of the Christmas tree to get one over on his beautiful rival, Curly Alan. Enjoy this festive tale of yuletide yobbishness and flying mince pies.

Download Fat Frank (Size 2.8 mistletoe megs)

The Ten Wishes of the Mean Green Genie – My favourite ever sensory story. Find out what happens when an impolite brat finds a genie who’s a little hard of hearing…

Download Mean Green Genie (size – 12.4 mystical megs)

Webster Witch’s Ugly Potion –  A kind of horrible, make-your-own sensory story thingamybob where you insert your student’s names in the gaps. See? Webster isn’t just a pretty face!

Download – Webster Witch’s Ugly Potion (size – 4.3 magical megs)

Dozy Dwight on Bonfire Night – Dozy Dwight threw away his copy of the Firework Code and went about breaking every rule, what a tattie pot! See what happens to this very silly guy! Please note, I did this YEARS ago so please excuse the awful PowerPoint!

Download Dozy Dwight on Bonfire Night (1.1  Mmmmmmmmmmmmeg!)

Sir Pranceabout and The Dragon – Download a very posh version of my old sensory story Sir Pranceabout and the Dragon here. This was to be made into a product for Inclusive Technology but alas, was never to be, sob!

Download Sir Pranceabout and the Dragon here (40 Mythical Megs)

What’s this? A braw new Superhero on the Scottish scene? This is Sweaty Pits McTavish, a new breed of Superhero. Learn about his exploits in this ‘Stinking Skills’ sensory story. Download Sweaty Pits McTavish (15 McMegs!)

Messy Morgans Messy Weather – Messy Morgan want’s to go out but the weather keeps changing! Can you find the right tool for the right weather in his messy house?

Pete’s Sensory Versions of Established Stories

A Christmas Carol – A sensory version Old Chaz Dickens’ spooky festive classic. Only the most miserly, miserable humbugs could fail to love this story!

Download Scrooge (size – 3.5 Miserly Megs!)

Jack and the Beanstalk – An adorable tale of a boy who sneaks into other peoples’ houses, steals their possions then murders them horribly. And people compain about my stories?

Download Jack (size – 33 Murderous Megs!)

The Wizard of Oz (Parts 1 to 3) – The first three parts of the Wizard of Oz Sensory Story plus PowerPoints. This takes you right up to the bit where they meet the Wizard, exciting!

Download Sensory Stories Part 1 to 3 (32 Munchkin Megs!)

The Wizard of Oz (Parts 4 and 5) – The final two parts of the Wizard of Oz Sensory Story plus PowerPoints. These two parts finish off the story, repeat after me “There’s no place like home…”

Download Sensory Stories Parts 4 and 5 (22 Munchkin Megs)

The Wizard of Oz Whizzy Extras! – Packed with goodies such as glove puppets, switch games, switch builds, quizzes, digital colouring activities, cross curricular ideas, cook books and more!

Download Activites and more here! (35 Marvellous Munchkin Megs!)