Pathway 1 – Sensory Curriculum

The multi-sensory sessions help a child to generalise their specific sensory learning in to a wider dimension using movement, smell, touch and human interaction. It opens channels of learning that can break through disability.’ Flo Longhorn.

Our topic this term is looking at all things health and fitness. As part of our Pathway 1 Curriculum, we use the Sensory Room to support a lot of our learning. To fit in with our topic, we are currently working on a massage called ‘Fruit and Vegetables.’ Try this massage story at home, I’m sure you will love it just as much as we do!

Fruit and Vegetables – Page 1

Fruit and Vegetables – Page 2

As part of our PE sessions, we are looking health and wellbeing. We begin with a yoga session to relax and unwind before moving on to a wellbeing story that focuses on body patting, stimulation of both sides of the body and brain which also links with trunk, body and head support. Take a look at the movement pictures attached to help you before you begin!

Wellbeing Story

To try our Wellbeing story at home:

  • Face your child ready to begin the story.
  • Use both hands on each side of their body to work through the story.
  • Firm movements used (but not too hard!) See if they can copy your movements.

Pathway 2 – Independence Curriculum

Our topic of ‘Shape Up’ is all about getting healthy and trying new things.

Here’s how you can continue your learning at home:

Getting the whole family involved in being active- take photos of walks, classes, park visits, playgrounds- anything where you are moving!

Following new healthy recipes- helping to cook and create in the kitchen using lots of different healthy foods. Rate your favourites!

Buying healthy food in the supermarket- finding and selecting ingredients, paying for items at the tills and helping to carry shopping.

Looking after my own body to help keep me healthy- brushing my teeth, washing, dressing all as independently as possible!

If you need any support with ideas, resources, visuals ( e,g recipes, shopping lists, social stories) please contact your class teacher.

Pathway 3 – Functional Skills Curriculum

Pathway 3’s topic is ‘Shaping up with Health & Fitness.’

Here’s how you can continue the learning at home:

Research family activities on the web that will get you to work up a sweat together – this web link is a useful start:

Daily Tips to Help Keep Your Family Active

Make healthy meals and snacks at home

Identify healthy foods in supermarkets

Watch the World Athletics Championships on the BBC (from September 27th – October 6th) and discuss what you see

Use the internet to find out about famous athletes from the past such as Usain Bolt, Betty Cuthbert, Babe Didrikson & Fanny Blankers-Koen

Run a hundred metres and time yourself – can you get faster?

Talk about the effect too much sugar, alcohol and nicotine can have on our bodies

Try some mindfulness techniques from the net; here is one website you could visit:

25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children and Teens