At Portland Academy we provide home learning activities which will help you to understand what your child is learning to do in school. The activities are designed to be practical and fun, and are optional for parents/carers to use. We do not insist homework is completed, as in our experience, this may cause conflict at home. Many of our students need to have a very separate home and school life and homework can cause unnecessary stress for students and parents! Teachers may provide other homework activities for students to complete during the year. This may be spellings to learn, reading books to share or worksheets to complete. If this cannot be completed at home, students will be given time to do it during the school day.

On our website we will regularly post homework challenges and activities for students to work on independently or with help. Your class staff will help you choose the relevant activity for your child on a termly basis.   We will update activities linked to the curriculum topic to the website regularly for you to access.  Have fun!!

Homework Ideas

Please have a look at these fun, practical ideas that work alongside our topics:

Homework Ideas & Suggestions For Summer Term 2019

Previous Homework Ideas & Suggestions

‘Konichiwa’. That’s Japanese for ‘Hello.’

Topic Work this term has seen us looking at Japan. Japanese people express themselves very differently to us. However, they like their tea just like Great Britain. But did you know they prefer to drink green tea?

Go online to discover how to make the perfect cup of green tea – and try it for yourself at home with your child.

How to Prepare the Perfect Cup of Green Tea



Then compare this with how tea is made in Great Britain. You can use any brand, it doesn’t have to be Yorkshire tea!

How to make Tea | Cup of Tea | Teapot | Yorkshire Tea



You could then try and learn how to count (your tea bags) in Japanese. Go online and find out how to say the numbers 1 to 10: www.wikihow.com/Count-to-Ten-in-Japanese.

Can you also find Japan on a map or globe?

Good luck and ‘Sayonara’. That’s Japanese for ‘Goodbye’.

Read Write Inc Feedback

Read Write Inc has proven to have a positive impact on our students learning journey – below are examples of feedback Read Write Inc has received so far.

Read Write Inc is Fun – (Yr 9 pupil)

Me love Read Write Inc faaantastic (Yr 9 pupil)

I can read more better now (Yr 11 pupil)

My Granddaughter loves Read Write Inc (Yr 10 Grandparent)

W-ow wow Read Write Inc is the best (Yr 8 pupil)

I like Read Write Inc (Yr 10 pupil)

It’s good (with thumbs up gesture) (Yr 1 pupil)

6th Form Home Learning Support














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