16-19 Programme

16-19 programme

Emphasis is placed on a ‘Preparation for adulthood’ based curriculum, which is essential in supporting the development of adult skills. Work Related Learning is a statutory requirement so importance is placed on securing work experience placements.

Students can also access up to three subject options as well as maths and English, which is mandatory for all students.

Many students in the 6th form work towards the Duke of Edinburgh or John Muir Award. This encourages students to develop a talent, make a difference to their community and the people in it, and challenge themselves to do things that they may not have done before and to develop an active lifestyle through participation in sports based activities.

The 16-19 curriculum aims to provide students with opportunities to develop independence skills, skills for working life, opportunities to develop social communication in functional settings and develop active citizenship skills. Work experience is part of the curriculum and where appropriate independent travel training.

Key stage 5 – 3 year programme of study

Preparation for adulthood (PfA) programme of study

16-19 Learning Qualifications and Accreditation

  • ASDAN Towards Independence Entry 1
  • NOCN Independence Award /Certificate Entry 1
  • NOCN Employability Award /Certificate Entry 1-3
  • Edexcel Functional Maths and English Entry 1-3

16-19 Outcomes

16-19 Outcomes

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Headlines Accreditation Figures 2016

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MCSG Sixth Form at Portland Academy 24th Feb 2016

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