The curriculum offered at Portland Academy is based on the National Curriculum but is specifically adapted to provide for the academic and personal development of students with severe (SLD), profound and multiple (PMLD), and complex learning difficulties and disability (CLLD). Activities are carefully planned to ensure that children are successful in their learning and recognise that they are valued as individuals. The curriculum focuses on developing the key skills of communication, cognition, independence, physical development and self-care. All these transferrable skills equip young people for life beyond the school.

Portland aims to offer an extensive range of curriculum subjects that are meaningful and relevant to the needs of each child, designed to develop his/her knowledge, skills attitudes and values. The starting point for the curriculum is the individual student with a programme designed to meet his/her needs taken from the full available curriculum. Highly personalised therapeutic programmes reflect the very complex physical and learning needs of many of our students. This input is an integral part of the academy’s provision. The emphasis given to different areas of learning will change as children move through the school. Throughout the academy, great emphasis is placed on communication skills. For those at early developmental stages, objects, photographs, symbols and signs are used extensively to make choices. As their skills develop, students are encouraged to use language appropriately in academic and social situations.

The other important element of the curriculum, which is continually addressed, is the development of functional independence for all students. From year 7 onwards, students are taught self-help skills. There is emphasis upon the necessary behaviour to work, play happily and socialise appropriately with others in a group. As students get older, increasing activities are planned within the community.

For further information regarding our curriculum please contact school on 0191 5536050.

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