Our Academy

Portland Academy is a designated provision for learners aged 11-19 who have severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties. The majority of pupils travel to school in transport provided by the Local Authority, some more able pupils are taught to use the local bus services and travel to school independently. A dedicated and talented professional team work closely with pupils to provide the best opportunities for all. We have our own excellent full time speech and language therapist and support and advice from a very experienced educational psychologist. In addition we work with a wide multi-agency team to ensure the full range of care and welfare needs of our pupils are met. We have a full time nurse on site and part time physiotherapists, occupational therapist and speech therapist. Many medics hold their clinics on site to enable staff to attend when needed. Our café is open to all and is a great place for parents to meet others whilst waiting to join an assembly or attend a meeting.

We are a warm and welcoming special academy with a high focus on the achievement of both academic and social skills. We aim to meet the very individual needs of all of our pupils and their families. As an Ascent Academy we draw on a wide range of expertise in special educational needs to ensure that we offer the very best provision for our pupils. The academy site and grounds are secure and there is very good access for those who use wheelchairs or are unsteady on their feet. Classrooms and hygiene suites have hoists and tracking and the main corridor has a grip rail to support independent walking. The academy has excellent facilities, including a therapy pool, sensory room and ICT suite. We have extensive grounds with a woodland walk, 5 a-side pitch, sensory garden and cycle track. This, together with a relevant, progressive and challenging curriculum delivered and supported by committed staff, enables us to offer a wonderful range of varied opportunities to enrich our pupils’ lives. We greatly value the benefits of working closely with parents and professionals and hold regular meetings and social events to support families. If you would like more information, or wish to see the facilities for yourself, please get in touch, visitors are always welcome.

What others say about us 2018-2019

Please see the link below to our parental engagement survey results for 2018 & 2019

Portland Academy Parental Engagement 2018 & 2019

What others say about us 2015-2017

Positive feedback

Feedback from our parent questionnaire January 2017

” I feel there are some very good aspects of the school and some flawless staff within it. I am happy that the school is looking to drive forward with ideas and improvements for pupils, parents and carers. The school staff are very approachable. Thank you.”

“I know that the school is doing everything possible to help my son and that concerns are responded to immediately. Communication between the school and myself is excellent and I trust the staff in helping my sons development.”

“I am very pleased with the progress of my child since attending Portland.”

“Brilliant school offering brilliant support”

“I feel the staff are very helpful with anything I contact them about. Thank you”

“The meeting the school recently arranged for parents was really positive and it was nice to hear directly from the new head teacher her plans for the school”.

Feedback from our parent questionnaire on behaviour – February 2016

“I am happy with the help and support my child receives in school.  I feel I am able to seek help and advice when needed and my child really loves coming to school.”

“We feel staff are committed and have a very caring and loving attitude and try hard to help behaviour.”

“A lovely school for my child’s needs.  Helpful, understanding, caring, always lets me know about my child.”

“We are very happy with all the efforts the school uses to help our daughter.”

“The support my son and our family receive from school is amazing.  My child has come so far because of this.”

“Very approachable staff, willing to work in partnership with parents to support child”

“What can I say, class staff and assistants have been outstanding,”

“My son has a very severe condition, is very unpredictable in every way, not one hour is the same, very up and down.  The teacher is a first class credit to the school. ”

A few of the lovely comments from the NAS Questionnaire 2015

“I am extremely happy with how my class teacher and teaching assistants communicate with me.”

“Staff involved with my child at school are fantastic support.  They have a brilliant connection with families too.”

“My child loves to go to school.”