Senior Leadership Team

Meet our Senior Leadership Team at Portland Academy

Role of our Executive Head’s

To provide strategic direction for the Academies within the Trust.  To be the lead representative in the relationships with educational partners, the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Trustees.  To monitor, quality assure and review key improvements within the Trust Academies.  To be responsible for upholding the Trust’s philosophy and core values.

Role of our Head’s of Academy

To provide dynamic and strategic direction, leadership and accountability at the Academy in respect of all aspects of standards and the day to day management of the academy.  Maintain a commitment and partnership among pupils, staff and parents to the academy’s mission in partnership with Executive Head Teacher and the Board of Trustees.  To support the development and the delivery of the Academy Improvement Plan and to lead the staff in reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the Academy Development Plan and Self Evaluation.



Carolyn Barker

Carolyn Morgan


Michael Little

Deputy CEO

Rachel Hargreaves
Executive Head of Academy
 Sharon Common
Head of Academy


Steve Murphy

Deputy Head of Academy


Karen Hart

Assistant Head and Student

Wellbeing Champion



Pippa Irwin

Deputy Head of Academy